Friday, July 11, 2008

Mission Complete!

We want to thank everyone who watched. We had a blast! Thanks Paul for stepping in and commentating for an endless amount of hours. Paul is now an official member of the team. We also want to thank Phil for the amount of effort he put into this marathon. The Mario marathon pretty much featured his skills.

To everyone who won prizes, I will be emailing you sometime this week requesting shipping info. If you'd like to go ahead and send it now, I'm fine with that too.

Now we turn our focus to the 72 hour Metroid Marathon on Friday August 15th for St. Jude. The promoting starts now! This is going to be our biggest marathon yet, and we will make it our most successful!

We finished 10 Mario Games in under 24 hours of gameplay, AMAZING

Mario1 - 8 minutes 10 secs (Philip)
Mario2 Lost Levels- 22 Minutes (Philip)
Mario 2- 1 hour 18 minutes (Rob Covington, not greenshirtyguy)
Mario3- 24 minutes (Rob Covington)
Super Mario World - 23 minutes (Mik)
Super Mario World 2 - 3 hours 25 minutes (Cameron)
Mario 64- 2 hours 2 minutes (Philip)
Luigi's Mansion- 4 hours 25 minutes (Daniel)
Mario Sunshine- 5 hours 27 minutes (Philip/Daniel)
Mario Galaxy- (5 hours 45 minutes (Philip, Paul as player2)

Total= 23 Hours 39 minutes

Peace out for now!


LuRock said...

Great job guys!

Jessic1444 said...

You guys were awesome. Can't wait until Aug. 15th!!! ^_~

Oshio said...

wow, that was quick! keep at it!