Monday, August 11, 2008

Metroid Marathon Information..Check out our Grand Prize!

The 72 Hour Metroid Marathon starts on Augusts 15th @6pm cst. We will be raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The marathon will be streamed live via webcam on our website. The webcam feed will give you both a view of the games we will be playing and also a view of the action going on in the room. We will give out prizes following each game to viewers regardless of where they live.

The Game list is : (In the order we will be playing them in, not in chronological order)
Metroid, Metroid Zero mission, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Metroid Prime1, Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime 3, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion

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We have big news regarding the prizes that will be given away during the marathon. After the completion of certain games we will be giving away two prizes, one for Euro viewers and one for viewers in the states. If no Euro prize is listed, it means ALL viewers are eligible to win because the prize is not limited by region. For example, our Metroid clock prize will work fine wherever you live, however our U.S version of Metroid for the Nes cannot be played on a European Nes console.

Rules: In order to be entered to win a prize (except the grand prize) you must send an email during the game thats being played for that said prize. Each prize is given away upon completion of its game. This will be less confusing during the marathon.

In order to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE, any donation a $1 or over will gain 1 entry, $5 and over will get you two, and $20 and over for 3 entries. Maximum 3 entries

Prize List:

Completion of Metroid:
• For U.S Participants Metroid (NES cartridge) along with NES controller
• For European participants Metroid on Virtual Console, or if winner has Metroid already, a game prize of equal VC-Point value (500 points).

Completion of Metroid Zero Mission:Zero Suit Plushie
Completion of Metroid II: Metroid II (Gameboy Cartridge)
Completion of Metroid Prime 1: Super Metroid Wall Clock
Completion of Metroid Prime 2: Metroid Poster used during marathon

Completion of Metroid Prime Hunters:
• (US) Metroid (GBA cartridge)
• (EUR) Metroid on Virtual Console, or if winner has Metroid already, a game prize of equal VC-Point value (500 points)

Completion of Metroid Prime 3: TBA

Completion of Super Metroid:
• (US) Super Metroid (SNES cartridge) + SNES controller
• (EUR) Super Metroid on Virtual Console, or if winner has Super Metroid already, a game prize of equal VC-Point value (800 points)

Completion of Metroid Fusion: GRAND PRIZE

and for our GRAND PRIZE! *Drum roll* : A copy of Metroid Prime 3 SIGNED BY The current RETRO STUDIO employees(Creators of Metroid Prime 1,2, &3). BECAUSE OF LEGAL REASONS YOU CANNOT RESALE THE GRAND PRIZE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!

Retro Studios has recently given their blessing and will be generously donating our grand prize, a copy of Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) signed by the development team. We are very excited to have their help and will hopefully do justice to the series they helped build

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