Monday, July 7, 2008

UPDATE: WE WILL BE STREAMING EXCLUSIVELY ON USTREAM for the Mario Marathon. The video will be embedded here on our website.

If you guys love watching our marathons then you should check out .
It gives you a list of all the marathons that have been scheduled, almost like a TV guide. I feel it will be instrumental in getting the word out for us and further broadening our community. Brilliant idea if you ask me.

TheSpeedGamer's have the biggest community of any of the gaming marathon groups, and also are the longest standing. I wanted to thank everyone for making that possible. We promise to only get bigger and better.

I also want to formally announce our Zelda Guinness world record run. We don't have a date set, but I'm getting in contact with Guinness to prepare for our run. We will be doing this event for charity. Keep visiting back for more info!

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